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Hey hey! First I wanna say thanks to everyone who have ordered and downloaded the new cd! And everyone who picked up a copy at a show! If you don’t…

Hello Hello Hello! The new CD…

… The new CD, “Set Me On Free” is available now! Go to the Web shop to download and order!

Just a bit of delay in the release of “Set Me On Free”.

New date March 31. Stay tuned for pre-order date.

“Set Me On Free”

About two years ago, right after I left Leon Russell’s band, I started working with a friend and lyricist, Walter Barker. I was co-writing and producing some songs for him….

Back on the road again

I’ve been running in overdrive for about two weeks. Still more to come, but I wanna take a breath and a moment to say how much fun and fulfillment it…

April 1, Leon Russell’s “Life Journey”

I’m excited to say, Leon’s new studio album, “Life¬†Journey” is available April 1st… and I got to play guitar on a few tracks! I had a blast in the studio…

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