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On The Road Again..

We’re getting ready to get back on the bus and add on some more mileage. I’m looking forward to rejoining all the boys in the band and making good music for the people! See ya’ll this week and next in Maine, New Hampshire and Long Island.

The June 1st Kaffeeklatsch show was another great night! Thanks Carole and Jeff and all who joined us!

The Gip’s show was a fantastic experience! Thanks to Ron and Sara Wiley and the Magic City Blues Society(also celebrating Ron’s B’day!)!

Thanks Gip and Jeff and Cindy Dunaway! and last but not least all the fine folks who came to Gip’s juke joint to celebrate the BLUES with us!

The Destin show at the Funky Blues Shack was fun. I got to see a handful of family that I don’t get to see very often and also some old friends that I never get to see it was really great that you all came! I’m glad the show happened. I thought we all might get washed out to sea before it was over. Thanks everybody at the Funky Blues Shack!

Late last month I went up to St. Louis(Glen Carbon) to the Wooden Nickle Pub and Grill and played an acoustic show with my pal Jack Twesten. I made a lot of new fans that night I think and a lot of new friends too! Thanks Jack and J’Deana for your help and hospitality! The next night I went up to the Argosy Casino in Alton, IL and saw Chuck Berry! I got to [briefly] meet Chuck! It was great meeting Charles Berry Jr and Ingrid Berry Clay and her daughter.. and all the guys in the band. I had a really good time and I’m so glad I was able to see it! Thank you

Dave Thomason thanks for making that happen! And thanks to my wife Greta for making the drive with me.