Hello Hello Hello! The new CD…

… The new CD, “Set Me On Free” is available now! Go to the Web shop to download and order!

Just a bit of delay in the release of “Set Me On Free”.

New date March 31. Stay tuned for pre-order date.

“Set Me On Free”

About two years ago, right after I left Leon Russell’s band, I started working with a friend and lyricist, Walter Barker. I was co-writing and producing some songs for him. Over the months, a few songs turned into a few more, then more and more.. after a while the idea came up, and we decided that it would make a great next album for me…
It’s a weird feeling, because I wasn’t thinking about producing an album for myself… so it’s a mash-up of styles and attitudes but I think they all ended up sounding like me.

I’ll be posting a sneak peek track pretty soon.

Chris Simmons, “Set Me On Free”
release date: March 10, 2015

Back on the road again

I’ve been running in overdrive for about two weeks. Still more to come, but I wanna take a breath and a moment to say how much fun and fulfillment it was along the way in Tulsa, Muskogee, Memphis, Nashville and back home in Huntsville last night… (and my regular stops at Sebastian’s and Todd English Pub too). Over these days, I’ve felt welcomed and overwhelmed with love and support, brotherhood,professionalism and respect… and friendship.. from old and new friends. I must give thanks to so many people who helped make it happen and helped make it great while it was happening. There are so many of you who are a part of all this. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! My band, the fans, old and new friends, my family(and new family). The ones who were there and also the ones who wanted to be there, but couldn’t. You are all in my heart and on my mind and I hope you all know how big a part you each play and how much I appreciate you all.

…there are some photos:   https://www.facebook.com/simmunz/photos

April 1, Leon Russell’s “Life Journey”

I’m excited to say, Leon’s new studio album, “Life Journey” is available April 1st… and I got to play guitar on a few tracks! I had a blast in the studio and I’m so proud to say I was a part of it! Thank you LEON!  and thank you to Al and Tommy!  A big THANK YOU to Elton and Johnny! This is a great record from start to finish with many flavors and colors for your ears!  read the Article from Business Wire