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Thank You Leon

Thank You Leon

It was an absolute honor to have been able to travel the world and to write and play music with the Legendary Leon Russell.

My musical journey with Leon was a truly wonderful time, but sadly my part of the tour has come to an end. The last five years has been a real blessing for me and my family. I’ve learned so much about music and songwriting and so much more… Knowledge that only the wisdom of more than 50 years in every part of the music business and 70 years on earth can impart.

Thank you Leon.

Awesome Bob Dylan Show

Awesome Show with Bob Dylan


The show with Bob Dylan was awesome! It was great to see the guys in the band and crew again! Also got to see a few fans from the tour last summer. We’re getting geared up to burn up the roads from coast to coast. See ya’ll out there!


Thank You For The Home Away From Home

Thanks For THe Home Away From Home

We had a fun time on our trip up to the northeast last week. I want to take a minute to say thanks to all the folks we met and made us feel at home and to all the folks at the venues who took great care of us!

We hope to see all of you again soon!

Thanks again to Frank for being a wonderful host for our off day on Long Island.


Poker Players

Five of Brazil's Best Poker Players | PokerNews

Poker is a casino game thats been around for years and has been played by people from all walks of life.

In the United States and in many European countries, the game is known as blackjack or simply as blackjack.

In fact, the casino games in New York and Las Vegas are known as blackjack.

Although blackjack is a popular game at casinos in both the United States and Europe, the casino games in the United States that have blackjack have all been specifically designed and patented for the game in order to protect the players.

There is one very important difference between the United States and Europe, however: The United States casino blackjack game is also known as blackjack and is called a “regular” casino game because of the nature of the game.

In Europe, casino games are often known as a “specialist” game or “exclusive” game because of the nature of the game. In the United States, casino games are known as “regular” or “common” casino games because of the nature of the game. Therefore, European blackjack games are known as “regular” casino games in the United States while American blackjack games are known as “exclusive” or “specialist” casino games in Europe. In the United States, American blackjack games have always been known as “regular” or “common” casino games, and are referred to as “specialist” or “exclusive” blackjack games.

At the same time, though, blackjack is now also referred to as “electronic” or “electronic” blackjack games. Because of the new electronic games, the games are now known as “electronic casino games” or “e-blackjack” games in the United States. Some newer e-blackjack games are now referred to as “e-blackjack software” or “electronic blackjack software.” Some new electronic blackjack games, though, can only be played by using a computer with software that is specifically designed to play such games.

Here are some important blackjack terms you should know:

The casino holds all the cards: all the blackjack bets go with the cards on the table when you make your first bet. The casino, though, never actually puts down a card or a mark on the table, so you have no clue what is going on behind the scenes. This can really mess you up.

The Casino’s “hand”: the cards you will see on the table are, in fact, the Casino’s hand. The Casino does not actually know what you will do in a given hand. When you play blackjack, you are playing for a pot. The amount you are risking with each card you bet is the amount of money that you win on average. Some games are more profitable than others. A casino-only blackjack game is called a baccarat. It is not made to look like a casino.

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