The Bus Is on Fire..

The Bus Is On Fire..

ANNOUNCEMENT: May 4th and 5th, “Chris Simmons and Royal Blue” will be performing two nights at the Kaffeeklatsch Bar in Huntsville, AL. We’ll play a few from each of my albums and some good ole classic blues and some rock n roll too!

We’ve had some inspiring audiences on this run! Fargo, Des Moines, KANSAS CITY!! The Birthday bash in Tulsa was a very special evening…and a rowdy sold out show in DALLAS, TX!

We’re burnin’ up the roads and burnin’ up the stage and we even nearly burned down the bus on this one. We had a small but stubborn fire in the generator bay… Lefty jumped into action and emptied our fire extinguisher on the fire but it wouldn’t go out. The staff at the Granada Theater also emptied a couple of their extinguishers but it still wouldn’t die! The Dallas Fire Department came out and saved the day.

We’re heading up to Minneapolis for two nights and onto Illinois, N.C., Pittsburgh and Kentucky over the next two weeks. Then home for a short stretch and some blues in Huntsville.


New Friends And New Places in Stockholm..

New Places and New Faces In Stockholm

I’m getting ready for the show tonight in Stockholm, Sweden.. been having fun and seeing some sites.

We posted a few pics and vids on our facebook sites. A bit tiring sometimes but it’s been great! New places and new friends!


Hurry Up! Pick up “Hallelujah Man” .

Hurry Up! Get your copy of "Hallelujah Man".

I’ve been hibernating in Lacey’s Spring, so Happy New Year!

THANKS to everyone who got their copy of my latest CD: “Hallelujah Man”!

What, you didn’t get one yet? Hurry, click the link up at the top of the page and order one or two, or get a copy of my last CD “Old News To Me” too! It’s Blues!

>Also available at iTunes

We’re flying far away from home day after tomorrow. Short stop in California, then on the Japan. Then we’ll be all over Europe for a couple weeks.

It’s gonna be fun! I’ll see you out there. I’ll see all you in the States in April!







Shows With BB King and Bob Dylan

BB King

The Dylan tour was an utter success and a wonderful experience. The guys in Bob’s band and crew couldn’t have been nicer!

We just did a couple shows with BB King, AWESOME!

We’ve been burnin’ up the road this year and we’re getting ready for another long run before the Holidays.. California, west Canada and then all the way back and down the east coast. I’ve been having a BLAST playing music with these guys. We’ve playing so much that we’re as tight as we’ve ever been.

My new record, “Hallelujah Man”, is finally finished. I’m just waiting for them to ship. Barring any unforeseen circumstances I’ll have them available by the Vegas shows.

See you out there!

Bob Dylan Tour

Bob Dylan On Tour

We are a week into the month long tour with Bob Dylan and it’s going wonderfully!

I’m having to postpone the release of “Hallelujah Man” for a few weeks. We’ve been really busy touring this summer and time for mixing and mastering just ran out on me. I have a week after the Dylan tour to finish it up.

We’re having a great time! Hope to see some of ya’ll out there.